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Ash Borer Treatment

Ash Borer treatment couldn’t be more important for tree owners in southeast Michigan. If you notice a somewhat large sap ball on the outside of one or more of your trees, there is a good probability that your trees are experiencing an insect infestation that is living within and feeding off the bark of your trees.

About the Emerald Ash Borer

Common to southeast Michigan is the Emerald ash borer, an exotic beetle that was discovered near Detroit in the summer of 2002. The adult beetles like eat the actual foliage, but causing very little damage and impact to the overall health of the tree itself. However, the problem is that the larvae of these beetles can cause severe damage to the tree, for while it feeds on the inner bark, by doing so, they compromise the ability of the tree to carry nutrients and water from its roots to the rest of the tree. If these infestations are not diagnosed or treated immediately, the results could lead to the death of the tree plus an infestation spread to the other trees on your property! So not only do you lose your trees but then you could potentially incur costs as a direct result of having to remove the dying trees, exterminating these pests altogether, and then having to replace the trees. This catastrophe could be avoided altogether by hiring a service for ash borer removal.

Tree Borers in SE Michigan

Other tree beetles that can be found in our local community are:

  • Banded Ash Clearwing
  • Ash/Lilac Borer
  • Redheaded Ash Borer
  • Banded Ash Borer
  • Eastern Ash Bark Beetle
  • Six-spotted Tiger Beetle
  • Caterpillar Hunger
  • Japanese Beetle
  • Bronze Birch Borer
  • Two-lined Chestnut Borer

Contact Safari Tree

At Safari Tree, not only do we have experts in tree & shrub healthcare with our certified arborists. and Our technicians on staff that have been trained to diagnose problems like this. We also have designed specific ash borer treatment programs that target these issues to not only eliminate the insects but also prevent them from coming back. Contact Safari Tree today and request a Free Estimate!


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