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Of all the threats to Michigan trees, insects may be the most visible, but that doesn’t make them easy to detect or control. From ash borers to Japanese beetles, pests attack your trees on multiple fronts, eating away at the leaves, roots, and stems. Not only does this harm the plants directly, but it leaves openings for tree fungal diseases and other harmful organisms.

To keep your trees healthy long term, you must guard against pests. Safari Tree provides comprehensive pest control, bolstering your property against every variety of insect threat. Take control of your pest problems today!


Common Types of Tree Pests 

Tree pests take many forms, but the most common ones in Southeast Michigan include:

Ash Borers- These colorful beetles cause minor damage to your foliage during their adult lives, but the biggest threat comes while they are still larvae. The young beetles eat the inner bark, making it harder for the plants to transport water and nutrients. This process can kill trees on its own, making it essential for you to identify and eliminate ash borers as quickly as possible.

Japanese Beetles- Like ash borers, Japanese beetles attack different parts of your tree during each stage of their lives. They feed on roots while they are larvae and leaves as adults, depriving the tree of both water and sunlight. Additionally, many other animals feed on Japanese beetles and will damage your trees while looking for them.

Other Beetles- Both stink and boxelder beetles attack trees by drinking the fluid inside of them. This makes it harder for the plants to develop fruit and flowers, lowering their chance of surviving or reproducing. You may also have to deal with a form of ladybug known as the Multicolor Asian Lady Beetle. These insects don’t do much damage to your trees, but they do create an unpleasant smell and look.

Controlling these pests requires a concerted strategy that bolsters your trees against attack. Safari Tree provides just such a strategy for homeowners all over Southeast Michigan:

Safari Tree’s Pest Control Program 

The Safari Tree pest control package combines killing insects and their larvae by strengthening your tree so it can survive the pests that do manage to attack. We begin each spring by spreading a dormant oil on the tree, which cuts down on early insect infestations. We then fertilize the tree’s deep roots later on in the season, allowing it to get off to strong growth.

During the summer, we provide three rounds of insecticide spray, which we combine with fungicides. This kills any insect or fungal pests that have gotten into your trees before they have a chance to spread or reproduce.

Our pest control program ends in the fall when we provide another deep root feeding followed by a round of anti-desiccant spray. Together, these measures help your plants to resist dehydration and damage from the cold winter weather. They will thus be strong and healthy until the warm weather returns, giving insects no avenue to make an attack.

In addition to pest control, Safari Tree offers disease management, fertilization, and a myriad of other tree services in SE Michigan to keep your plants strong and healthy. To obtain a free estimate for your yard, contact us today.


Tree Borers

Tree Borers

Ash Borer treatment couldn’t be more important for tree owners in southeast Michigan. If you notice a somewhat large sap ball on the outside of one or more of your trees, there is a good probability that your trees are experiencing an insect infestation that is living within and feeding off the bark of your trees.

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Beetle Control

Beetle Control

Effective tree and shrub maintenance mean protecting your plants from the full range of external threats, not least of which are the many insects that prey on Midwestern foliage. Few such insects are more serious than Japanese beetles. Despite their name and country of origin, Japanese beetles are a common sight in Michigan, where they attack a wide variety of shrubs and trees throughout their life cycles. Combined with Multicolor Asian Lady beetles, Boxelder beetles, and countless other beetle pests, these insects present a severe threat to even the most vibrant green spaces. We offer comprehensive beetle prevention, keeping your trees and shrubs clear of insect invaders throughout the year.

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Scale Insect Treatment

Scale Insect Treatment

Have you noticed waxy bumps appear on the branches of your trees? Look closer and you may notice that what may appear as scaly growths are actually tiny insects. Scale insects latch onto plants and trees and bite into them, sucking on the sap. Scale insects can be difficult to remove once they are attached. Over time, scale insects can prevent your plants or trees from properly distributing water and nutrients. Scale insects also encourage the spread of harmful tree fungi that could cause further damage to your trees. 

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