SE Michigan Organic Mosquito Control

100% Organic

When it comes to insect infestations, few pests are more serious than mosquitoes. These blood-sucking bugs attack in large numbers. Not only do they leave itchy, painful marks on everyone they bite, they also present a serious health hazard. Safari Tree is committed to ending this nuisance once and for all. By providing quality organic mosquito control to homes throughout Southeast Michigan, we drive these pests away while leaving zero impact on your health or the natural environment. You and your family can then enjoy your lawn without fear of itching or disease. Because we offer mosquito control that is 100% organic, you won’t have to worry about chemical sprays in your yard either.

What is Organic Mosquito Control?

Organic mosquito control involves spraying your yard with mosquito treatments that are 100% organic. These treatments both repel living mosquitoes and destroy their nests and eggs in places like standing water. This leads to a swift and enduring drop in the mosquito population, providing your family with rapid relief from even the most serious insect infestations.

Why is Mosquito Control Important in Michigan?

Mosquitoes are annoying at best and dangerous at worst. In addition to covering you, your family, and your pets in itchy bites every time you’re all outside, these insects also spread a wide variety of serious diseases. SE Michigan mosquitoes have been known to carry everything from the West Nile virus to the Chikungunya virus to Eastern Equine Encephalitis, all of which present serious threats to human and animal health. By getting rid of mosquitoes in your yard, you dramatically reduce the chance that you or your loved ones will be infected. Not only is this good for your health, but it also leaves you free to enjoy your yard.


Why Organic Matters

By relying on organic mosquito control, Safari Tree is able to drive away mosquitoes without exposing your family to harmful chemical pesticides. This provides considerable benefits for both your health and that of the natural environment. Because this kind of spray has no negative side effects, we can use organic mosquito control more often, keeping your yard free of pests consistently throughout the year.

About Safari Tree’s Application Program

Safari Tree has an effective organic mosquito control method. Our natural mosquito control is a surface treatment, which involves spraying your lawn evenly with our organic control products; this is ideal if your yard has trees, shrubs, under decks, and other features that trap mosquitoes. This treatment method lasts for roughly 21 days, after which point you will need another round of spraying. Most SE Michigan homeowners can keep their yards completely clear with only 5 treatments per summer.

Safari Tree is committed to protecting your family, pets, and plant life from every variety of pest. These include not only mosquitoes, but also ants, spiders, fleas, and ticks. To learn more about our pest control services or begin treatment, contact us today for a free estimate!


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