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For over 15 years, Safari Tree has been hard at work improving the quality of life for trees and property owners alike. We are dedicated to preserving the beauty of Saginaw, MI through tree healthcare. Safari Tree’s certified arborists diagnose tree diseases, treat infections, provide effective pest control, and keep trees and shrubs healthy and happy.

If you have noticed that your trees or shrubs are looking sickly, Safari Tree can get to the bottom of the problem before it’s too late. Our professional arborist team can apply treatments to bring your trees back to health. Learn more about Michigan Tree Diseases

Safari Tree knows pest control too. If there are pests plaguing your property, Safari Tree can help you get rid of the problem. Our pest control team efficiently removes pests from property. Learn more about our Tree Pest Control and Pest Control Services

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​6285 Bay Rd,
Suite 1
​Saginaw, MI 48​604
Phone: (810) 344-325​2

We provide tree care and pest control services in Saginaw, Michigan and all surrounding areas: Clio, Birch Run, Frankenmuth, Bay City, Midland and more.

Safari Tree’s 7-Step Tree Care Program

We offer a comprehensive 7-step tree service program that includes:
  1. Early spring, we use a dormant oil application to defend against insects
  2. Late spring, we apply a deep-root fertilizer
  3. Early summer, our arborists apply an insecticide and fungicide to safeguard during warmer weather
  4. Mid-summer means another layer of premium fungus and insect treatment
  5. Late summer we will begin to prep your trees for the approaching fall
  6. Early fall, we apply a deep-root fertilizer to insulate your trees from the cold
  7. Finally, our anti-desiccant spray helps your trees retain moisture through winter

To learn more or obtain this comprehensive tree care package for your plants, contact Safari Tree today.

Tree Diseases

Safari Tree has developed special treatment programs to keep your trees healthy and ward off disease. Safari Tree certified arborists are knowledgeable of the various tree diseases common in Michigan. Some diseases they can prevent and treat include:

Tree Injections

Tree injections are greatly beneficial to the overall health of your tree. Safari Tree’s premium treatment programs both extend and improve your tree’s health so that you can enjoy them years to come. We apply tree injections for:

  • Antibiotics
  • Nutrients
  • Grow Regulators
  • And treatments for pests and diseases​

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Tree Pest Control

Certain species of beetles, moths, or grubs are pests that attack trees. Undetected, they can weaken or even kill trees. If an infestation takes hold, it can be difficult to reverse damage done by these tree pests. Our certified arborists will nourish and protect your trees from a variety of tree pests. With over 15 years of experience, Safari Tree is a name you can trust to improve the longevity of your property investments. Some tree insects we treat for include:

Defender Program

The Defender Program from Safari Tree is like an invisible fence that keeps invasive pests out. From ants to wasps, ticks to mosquitoes, our pest control professionals can handle them all. The Defender Program is a comprehensive program that consists of 14 applications year-round, effectively controlling pest insects.

Pest Control

As a local service, Safari Tree is committed to preserving and protecting your property from pests. Our veteran technicians safely remove or prevent common Michigan pests safely and effectively. We can help with:

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