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Tree care is what Safari Tree does best, but our higher goal is to make Plymouth, MI a better place to be. We have been hard at work in Southeast Michigan for over 15 years, bringing our tree healthcare expertise to thousands of happy residents. As certified arborists, Safari Tree diagnoses and treats common tree diseases, stops pest infestations, and nurtures your trees and shrubs. Let our experienced arborists help you!

Are your trees or shrubs mysteriously withering or turning brown? Our certified arborists can swiftly diagnose tree diseases, and apply treatments that will ward off further damage. Learn more about Michigan Tree Diseases

Equal to tree diseases, pests cause serious harm or at the very least cause a nuisance. Safari Tree addresses pest problems with unmatched care. We provide a wide variety of pest control services to keep your property safe from infestation. Learn more about our Tree Pest Control and Pest Control Services

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We provide tree care and pest control services for Plymouth, Michigan and all surrounding areas including Livonia, Westland, Canton, Northville, Ann Arbor, Plymouth, and Detroit .

Safari Tree’s 7-Step Tree Care Program

To ensure full nourishment and protection, our tree care is divided into the following seven steps:
  1. We start the spring by applying a dormant oil, which protects against insects
  2. As the spring continues, we nourish your trees’ deep roots with fertilizer
  3. In the early summer, we spray the tree with an insecticide that doubles as a fungicide, minimizing the risk of disease
  4. We apply a second round of our professional fungus and insect protection
  5. As the summer comes to a close, we spray the tree once more to make sure no infestation lasts into the winter
  6. At the start of fall, we fertilize your trees’ deep roots again to protect against the cold
  7. To get your tree ready for the winter, we finish our professional tree work by applying an anti-desiccant spray, which holds in moisture amid cold weather
To learn more or obtain this comprehensive tree care package for your plants, contact Safari Tree today.

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